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Noah Falstein, Pusher, and me

Congratulations to Noah Falstein for getting a top job at Google!

Mr. Falstein is now Google's Chief Game Designer and I think this is great news. For Google, for him, and also the Games community as a whole. I don't think it needs a lot of explanation. He is a well respected name in the games industry with an incredible portfolio and history. I only need to say LucasGames and Monkey Island. He was part of that and so much more.

I think many people do have expectations even though Google's intentions are still not clear. I personally only expect him to do what he does best - creating enjoyable experiences for millions of others.

What's that got to do with me?

Even though I am sure he wouldn't remember me I surely remember him. I am proud and honoured to share one project in my portfolio with him: Pusher. It's one of my favourite projects in my career. Not only because I've done most of the graphics, but because it is a good game.

So after the news about his new job I decided to visited his webpage. And guess what I found: Pusher! He chose to include it in a "partial list of over 100 titles" that he has been involved in. That is so cool. Thank you!

I agree with what he writes about it and think this game had and still has a lot of potential. It could and should have been ported to mobile platforms.

Thanks again Noah for spending those two hours with us.  ;-)And good luck with your new job!

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