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Neighbours from Hell Series (2003-2005)

Play pranks on your fat neighbour until he snaps. A 2D puzzle/strategy/action game with the look of Aardman animations. More than 25 levels with dozens of pranks and hundreds of items and animations each.
I am proud that this game series has even created a whole new subgenre with a line of follow up games by other companies. However, in my opinion they have never really reached the style and quality of our original versions.
My part: Technical artist; 3D modeling; Texturing & animation; 2D interface; Background compositing; GFX workflows; Prank creation (level design)

More info: Mobygames


Throughout the production many hundreds of 3D assets were modeled and many thousands of images rendered. Afterwards most of them were also enhanced in Photoshop.
Also more than a dozen high-resolution and high-quality backgrounds were created with hundreds of object and environment layers each.
To add depth to the scenes real photographic background imagery was blended in. Also various effects like shadows, lights, fog, and others were added to achieve the final look.


The following trailer was made as a byproduct of the game, mainly using ingame material. It was embedded in a simple story-frame that consists of specially created rendersequences. The idea was to present all the main characters to the viewers and at the same time give them a cool preview of the actual game setting.

My part: Compositing, cutting, editing, dubbing


Finally some more videos from the game. You can see a lot of animated and dynamic content (changing states). The backgrounds are composed in Photoshop and often consist of hundreds of layers that were used to prepare all elements (color-correction/effects/painting) before the final export.

You can also see the changes in the interface from NfH1 to NfH2, including the neighbour's mother.

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