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Pusher (2002)

Pusher is a classic 2D puzzle game. Push around coloured balls and arrange them in groups to remove them from the table and collect points. While this may sound familiar it does also come with a unique mechanism. Balls can be pushed from all four sides into the game field. But filling up the field will not make your life easier. So be aware...

My part (Lead artist): Graphic design; 2D interface; 3D modeling; Animation

More info:
Complete credits and info at MobygamesOne of the games listed among all time classics by one of the most respected Game Designers, Noah Falstein (The Inspiracy)

Look and feel

The look of the game resembles a Jules Verne type of machine. One might also consider it to be steampunk. The main materials are copper/brass/metal, and glass.
The "gamemachine" is connected with liquid filled cylinders, springs, gears, chains, folding numberplates, and all kinds of other mechanical elements.
The coloured balls are of course also designed to fit in. During the game there should be the feeling that all is moving and reacting due to the actions of the player.

Modeling & Animation

Many elements from the game are animated. Some animation is done in 3D (Maya) like the big cylinder on the right which is filled with animated liquid. This also applies to the folding numberplates, and of course the balls in the game field.
Additionally there are also some 2D animations and effects. Many images and sequences were enhanced. Examples are the glowing and exploding balls. Everything 2D was composed and arranged in Photoshop.


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