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The Nations (2001)

Explore, collect resources, construct buildings, guide your people and conquer the map. The Nations was an isometric 2D building/strategy game. As a player you could choose to play with one of three different races with unique graphical styles and environments. Act as their god and zoom out to see the whole world or focus on single characters fulfilling their daily routines.

My part: 3D/2D isometric landscapes; 3D modeling

More info: Mobygames


My main task was to create a tileable but still naturally looking and non-repetitive landscape in an isometric game-engine. The different environments were grassland, desert, swamps, and the ocean.
While the water was done programmatically and with fluid realtime animation simulating caustics, my "hard" part of the map consisted of different tile textures.
Even though every tile image was mapped top-down onto the grid, I managed to simulate a more realistic uneven surface by rendering the textures in 3D from the same isometric perspective and distorting them afterwards.

Modeling & Animation

This was my first project where I worked with Maya 3D. It was learning by doing and included both modeling of buildings as well as environment objects like plants and rock formations.
Some of these models also needed to be animated. Therefore this project was a great starting point and laid the foundation for all the other projects involving 3D later on.


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