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Cedric and the Lost Sceptre (1995)

Cedric was my first game project ever. It was done mostly together with Chris Dissauer (programming) and Rainer Nilssen (music), but also with the help of some other very ambitious people. It was also the starting point for my "career" in the games and graphics industry.

My part: 2D ingame graphics & animations; Interface; Game & level design

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Look and gameplay

The visuals were inspired by many games of the amiga era, especially one other game called Lionheart. However it is not as simple as that. There are some similarities, but also huge differences especially when it comes to the gameplay.
Cedric is an adventure game with puzzles in a scrolling 2D world with pretty large maps. Cedric can have dialogues with other characters and carry around items in his inventory.
Technically we were able to create a very appealing and three-dimensional look with smooth parallax scrolling of different layers. Additionally interlacing and other tricks were used to increase the number of visible colours on the screen.

Pixel art

There was a very famous piece of software on the amiga for pixel artists called D-Paint. To me it was the "Photoshop" of the early 90ies. And that was what I used.
The graphics and animations for the game were done pixel by pixel. The screen resolution was low (320x240) so this still efficient enough overall.
In the spritesheet below you can see that magenta was the color of choice to mark transparent areas. At the time that was a "quasi standard" agreed upon.


A video from the game. The video is about 2 hours long so skip forward to see all locations quicker.
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