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Memphis & Camel mobile phone screensavers (2007)

These are various looped (endless) animations specially made for small screen mobile devices. The original resolution is higher and the quality better than the GIF animations below. I still chose to show these GIFs for reasons of playabilty and due to the lack of real looped play in regular video formats. So please forgive all of those ugly GIF-related compression and dithering artefacts and enjoy the animation.

My part: Ideas & concept art; 2D/3D image creation; Compositing; Animation; Format conversion

Challenges & requirements

One goal was to create seamless loops within the very tight technical boundaries of mobile devices from that time. Thinking about it, it's amazing how much further we have come since then!
Another requirement was to create animations which do not become obviously repetitive or annoying. This often requires several iterations on the way to a satisfying result.
All animations had to be converted to 17 different screen resolutions. This was done partly automatic, partly manual - to meet the tight filesize requirements and still achieve the best quality for each version.


How was it done?

Various different graphic tools were used during the production like AfterEffects, Photoshop, Maya3D, and Flash.
Every single screensaver was made in a different way. Some of them are purely 2D, some are complex compositions of elements from different tools.

Click on the images below to see them animated.

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