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Manner Manahmanah (around 2006)

This video clip was thought to be a viral clip for Manner, a viennese company famous for their wafers. It's based on a famous clip from the muppets show which sounds similar to the german spoken brand name of manner. The picture quality was not important but should rather be an authentic looking amateur clip.

My part: Concept; Compositing; Animation

How it was done

The first step took me roughly 10 minutes. I made just a few quick photos of the wafer pack...

  • Three from the front (closed, torn, and open).
  • Three more from the side (also: closed, torn, and open). These images were later just mirrored in the animation.
  • And one more picture of the strip which falls away quite in the beginning.
After masking the elements in Photoshop the animation was done completely in After Effects - synchronized to the original movieclip in the background. There were three characters in this clip, two of which you can see most of the time.

The original main character is covered up by the wafer pack as much and as often as possible. You can still spot him every now and then.
However it was not necessary to completely remove him as it was absolutely meant to be an amateur quality video.
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